Friday, October 1, 2010

Finger-tivley Numb

Wednesday I went to my doctor b/c I have been suffering with numbness in two of my fingers and part of my hand. She says I am suffering from neuropathy and that I have some type of pinched or damaged nerve. Going back again next week to hopefully be able to see a specialist about this.

But what really freaked me out is when I got to the doctor's office the entire front of the building had VULTURES sitting on top of it. It was early in the morning so my brain wasn't fully functioning yet or I would have taken a picture to post here.

Oh, and my thyroid levels are on the high end of normal and are elevated from my previous tests so my doctor is waiting for this batch of labs to come back and she will probably start me on a low dose of thyroid medication.

So those are my woes for this week. Stay tuned for more madness next week.