Friday, June 22, 2012


Today, I just want to use my blog to ask God to watch over my former co-worker's (Joe) wife who just had surgery/treatment for her cancer. I haven's seen him in a long time, and I have never met his wife but they are on my mind today. She's a very young and brave woman and I pray that she heals and recovers fully.

Also, praying for my great-niece who isn't feeling well today. We love you and hope you get to feeling better soon.

Prayers for my step-daughter who has a new baby at home and I know she isn't getting a lot of rest but the reward of having a beautiful healthy son out weighs the lack of sleep.

Prayers for my friend "J's" new relationship. They deserve to be happy and have a stable an fruitful relationship.

Prayers for my husband, who works so hard and has been putting in so much hours this year in his new position.

Prayers for my friend "A", and I hope that she and her husband can adopt their beautiful son they have been raising for the past several months.

Prayers for my friend "J" that he can heal mentally and emotionally as well as physically from his surgery. I hope that his self confidence can start to be built and that he understands that he is worthy of friendships/relationships.

Prayers for my family and my friends that all of our aches and woes be healed and that we continue to enjoy our time together for a long time to come.

Prayers that this cold and fever that's been plaguing me this week will finally run it's course and let me get on with what I have to do this week. (God I know you must be testing me at THIS time!)

And lastly, prayers that our homestudy and interview for adoption goes well this coming week. If it's YOUR will for us to become parents together, then please make it as easy as possible for us to attain that dream.


Friday, June 8, 2012


So we finally heard from our caseworker. Our homestudy is on June 29th. Can't wait, I've been praying for patience which I have been lacking. Cannot wait to meet our child/children and start our forever family so hopefully after we are licensed we don't have to wait long.