Friday, January 29, 2010

"Why?" Friday

Why do I only want to really fix my hair on rainy days?

Why do I wait for the phone to ring 4 times from Cody's school before I pick it up?

Why is my gas bill 30 dollars higher this month?

Why do I not want to chaperone Cody's 5th grade class party on the 12th?

Why does my dog only want my attention for one hour a day, right before my husband gets home?

Why are you punished too, when you punish your kids? (Not really fair is it? I say go punch someone in the head b/c you are going to be punished for nothing, otherwise!)

Why isn't Houston renamed the Bermuda Triangle, b/c the weather here is really an unexplained phenomenon that no weather person can predict or explain?

Why does the school give you the option of looking at your kids grades online and then the teacher doesn't post all of them nor return any of your emails on what grades are missing?

Alright phone rang and totally threw me off. Maybe next week I'll have something different for you.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Doggie Dieting, Overpriced Lawyers and Lazer Lying

So I always have all these cool ideas on what to write in my blog. All day long I write the story in my head but by the time I get a chance to sit down and's gone.

Instead I will just sit here and type up what's been going on all week. So let's see:

I bought a bag of those Valentine Heart Candy. I love the little messages on them but was pretty shocked and perhaps a little annoyed at the new stuff on them. "Tweet me" "Text me" blah blah blah. I picked those out and threw them away while tossing some at my husband. "Me & You" "Wink, Wink" while he laughed as each one landed in front of him every 10 seconds. I had poured the candy into a small bowl with a screw top lid on it because my dog likes to jump in my chair with me and whine for candy. (No I don't give her any!) But the funny part about it is she will GUARD the candy. She lays down on top of it and if you try to reach for it she hunches over it and growls at you. So now she is helping me in my quest to lose weight. Anytime I want to snack I just put it in a bowl and let her lay down on it so that if I want it, I have to brave getting past a 10 lb doggie to get it. I tell you, it's pretty effective.

I don't remember if I posted this but we have started the process of getting full custody of Cody. I hired a lawyer and he only wanted THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS!!! for a retainer. I am Miss Cheap, it was VERY hard to write that check but I ponied up b/c there is no way Cody is going back with his insane mother. Now hopefully this lawyer works as fast as he cashed that check!

Oh, how's this for dealing with issues of a 12 yr old kid. So Cody comes home from school Monday with a little Lazer Pointer thingy. I ask him where he got it and he said the bus driver gave it to him for being good on the bus. Well, I know that the teachers and bus drivers give the kids in Elementary school little prizes for being good and stuff but a lazer? My husband thought it was fishy too. Especially since we live right next to a small airport. So he took it away from Cody and waited at the bus stop yesterday morning with Cody to confront the bus driver. Here is how the conversation went:

Hubby: did you give this lazer to Cody yesterday?
Bus Driver: no, I never even seen that lazer before.
Hubby: Cody I thought you said the bus driver gave this too you.
Cody: Yes Mr. Busdriver, you did.
Hubby: I am taking Cody to school today and going talk to the principal to get to the bottom of this.

So Hubby gets to the school, talks to the principal with Cody, leaves the school to come home and phone rings. Principal lady says "Cody wants to tell you guys something". Cody gets on phone "I'm sorry I lied, this 5th grader boy gave it to me". Principal lady gets back on the phone and says " I told Cody I was going to review the tapes from the camera on the bus and he immediately told me that he lied". Well it figures, since this is his new favorite thing to do. So the school confiscated the lazer and left it up to us to punish him.

Arghhh! I am getting so tired of this. That he could actually stand there to this man's face and lie and said "Yes you gave this to me" really discourages me because it shows lack of remorse and guilt. When he got home we sat for a long time and I told him that he could have gotten this man fired and that the man would not be able to feed or take care of his family all b/c Cody lied. That his actions have consequences that could affect more than just us. Then I gave him a huge plastic tote, sent him to his room to pack up all toys, electronics and games. He has a chart on how he can earn each one back. Some will take longer than others. I had him write down, in his journal, about what he done and what could have happened and how that would have made him feel so that he can discuss this with his therapist. He also had to write a letter to the bus driver apologizing for his actions and I stood at the bus stop this morning to make sure he gave the note to the bus driver and apologize out loud for what he did. Sometimes apologizing out loud is more effective than anything.

Cody can make you feel so SORRY for him. When he gets in trouble, he reverts to trying to please you as much as possible. "I'm sorry" "Please don't be mad at me" "I love you". So on and so forth and you just want to let it slide but I worked as a drill instructor at a juvenile boot camp so I know that I have to stick to my guns.

I know kids lie and do mischivious things but sheesh, this was kind of big b/c a man could have lost his job over this! So that was my frustrating week and hopefully the rest of it goes by without anymore incident.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Black and Gold, Super Bowl!

Saints are going to the Super Bowl for the first time! Geaux Saints!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Green Tea, Treadmill and an Exercise Ball....

what more do I need to lose weight? Ha!

Today I walked/jogged 35 minutes on the treadmill, drank 40 oz of my own brewed green tea and did somewhere around 100 crunches on an exercise ball.

Next purchase at the store will be kettlebells. Hey! They seem to work for the Biggest Losers so I will give it a try.

Had somewhere around 500 calories so far today. Decided to go back to my high protein low carb/fat diet. Will try to stay at 1100-1200 calories again. Seemed to have lost my steam for 3 wks but I am revving it back up to get down to -40 total lbs by the end of January, which means I have around 6 lbs to go.

Drink green tea people!

Oh yeah, don't respond with how the contestants are doing on Biggest Loser, I am not caught up on watching it yet so don't ruin it for me!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


So suddenly, I have 44 readers! That's 12 more than last week. What's going on here? I think the pictures of New Year's dinner brought you all in! LOL

My first weekly resolution started yesterday. The mission? Exercise 30 minutes everyday this week. The monthly resolution of taking my vitamins and supplements everyday is going well. So far 100% taken.

The purpose of making weekly and monthly resolutions? To start a habit of doing what's necessary to keep good health while not feeling overwhelmed by a huge list of things that I really want to incorporate in my life.

I, like so many others, tend to have big goals that eventually sputter out because it becomes too hard to do so much. I figured if I make it a small goal with a small time limit, I can possibly make it a habit worth keeping. I find I am already popping vitamins after a week and a half without even thinking about it, first thing in the morning. And while today I dread having to get on the treadmill, I am looking forward to how I will feel when I get off of it.

Baby steps, Krys, baby steps!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cabbaging it up!

Tonight I am cooking steak, deviled eggs and cabbage for dinner. Yes, it will make 3 nights in a row that we've had cabbage but I got a great deal on cabbage the other day. HEB was selling heads of cabbage 3/$1.00 after New Year's. I know everyone must be tired of it but it was cheap and anyone who has shopped with me before knows I buy the cheapest cuts of meat, the cheapest canned goods and the cheapest (meaning seasonal) vegetables and fruit. It doesn't mean we are eating unhealthy because I look for lean cuts of meat, it just means that I am the crazy lady who takes all the meat out of the cooler to look for the cheapest one even if it is slightly smaller than the rest. Yes my pantry looks like a commodity shelf with all the white "GREAT VALUE" canned goods from WalMart but here's the thing, they taste the same or better than DelMonte, etc etc. There is one or two things that I like that I just have to have like Blue Plate mayonnaise. Sorry but I hate Helmann's and all the others, it's Blue Plate for me! And I like the Whitewheat bread. But that is about where the splurges end. I shop for 2 wks of groceries at a time and normally spend around 120-150.00 which I think is a great deal. I really probably don't have to shop for a whole month with the stock of food I have in my pantry and freezer but you never know when family when come visit. And I have a huge family of 5 bros/sis in laws and their kids. So, I may be cheap, and my house may smell of cabbage but we will always have a good meal to sit down too and for that I am thankful.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

3 day streak!

So I have taken my vitamins/meds/supplements 3 days in row! Woohoo! I am on a streak. Now I am thinking of making weekly resolutions, starting next week. Maybe I am on to something here?

Friday, January 1, 2010

Health, Wealth and Good Luck in 2010!

Here is what I made for lunch and dinner today! Smothered cabbage and ham, and blackeyed peas and rice. To health, wealth and good luck! Not pictured is a nice glass of Lambrusco. Happy New Year's!