Thursday, May 24, 2012

1st Post of 2012

So I found my old blog page, cleaned it up because it used to be anonymous, and figured I'd go ahead and make my first post in over a year. 

Things that have happened in the last year:

~We've decided to adopt! I'll post more on that in a later blog but we are currently seven months into the process of getting licensed. 

~My husband was promoted to G.M. at work. He's traveled to several countries already this year. 

~ We found an amazing church that I actually look forward to going to every Sunday. 

~ Our grandson was born last week!

~My 2 lovely god daughters both turned 18 in the last few weeks and they both graduated high school! I am so proud of them!

~ I went on a Craigslist bender in Jan and Feb and bought 10 pieces of furniture that I sanded down and refinished to complete our two guest bedrooms. We are hoping that we can adopt siblings. 

~I've been witness to relationships ending and new ones beginning over the past several months.  I wish all parties the best in their new endeavours.  

~I've made many new decisions that I may or may not blog about but it makes me feel productive. 

~We took a lovely vacation to Panama City Beach, Florida last September and my husband invited my two best friends along to share it with us. What a wonderful man!

~One of my best friends is currently also going through the adoption process and I am praying that the outcome will be positive for her family and her new child. 

~I've made new friends and hope that even though Houston is a transitional place, I don't see them leave here just like everyone else we have made friends with. 

And that is my short update for this past year.


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