Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Job Hunting

So I decided that it's time to leave the nest. I have been a stay at home wife and caretaker (on and off) for the last 4 yrs. I am ready to get out and do something and meet people and make some money. Although the money part is not the most important part, I guess it's still pretty important.

First off, I am 34 and have never ever worked in food service. It is also an area I am totally not interested in so, no food service work for me. Gas stations/ convenience stores stay open all night 7 days a week, not for me. Answering phones? Not for me. Nothing worse than dealing with an ass on the phone who thinks they can talk to you however they want because they aren't face to face with you. Customer service? Possibly. I could be nice for a short amount of time. We'll keep this one on the short list. Computer skills not up to par, must take classes at the library on how to use Excel again. Would like to work anywhere with books. Would like to be the boss within say 12-18 months. Anyone hiring?


  1. I feel ya. Other then a retail shop where I was my own boss I have not worked a real job in 5 yrs. I have nothing to put on a resume and no real skills other then retail. I want out of retail! The hours suck. I do not want to work nights or weekends. I do not want to work holidays.

  2. I don't think I can stand call agent work either. The callers can get really mean. And stupid. At least according to my friends who work in that industry.


  3. I have been looking for work for several months. I am very qualified and have applied to many....just waiting to hear back.

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