Sunday, May 9, 2010

Door to Door Annoyance

My husband is absolutely never allowed to answer the door ever,ever again. Every time he answers the door we have some new magazine subscription or 40 boxes of thin mints. Well, he answered the door on Thursday and guess what? Yeah we have someone coming tomorrow to install an alarm system in our home. F**K! Of course that means on Mother's Day, with my bad ass motherless self, I get to clean up our house from top to bottom b/c they will have to go into every room to make sure the connections on every window are working and yadda yadda. Oh and we get to pay another BILL every month! JOY!

Guess where he is? He had to sweep the dining room so now he is worn out and taking a nap. So........I will have to miss going to the gym tomorrow b/c they will show up sometime tomorrow during a normal workday and the appt normally takes 3 hours. So that means I will wait all day for them to show up at 5pm and then be in my house for 3 hours which means I am totally not cooking dinner (serves my husband right) and will be stuck eating sandwiches.


  1. See, how funny. In our house I am the sucker at the husband is the big meanie. lol.
    He once slammed the door in the face of little boy scouts.
    I ran after them and gave them a dollar. lol.
    Well, at least your home will be more secure.
    And as a girl scout troop leader, I would like to thank your husband for supporting the girl

  2. I never would have guesed that my big ol' tough military man uncle would be such a push over. Haha! When Laine starts girl scouts I'll have to remember him during their cookie season.
    I grew up my whole life with an alarm in the house, it is an amazing derteant for sneaking out in the middle of the night, make sure they put a control pannel in your bedroom, it helps to ahve it near when they randomly go off in the middle of the night.

    Also, I think you're amazing. :)

  3. Thanks Amanda! I think you are amazing too! We'd buy anything from Laine!