Friday, May 21, 2010

Something bugging me........

Thursday night, I didn't watch Grey's Anatomy b/c my husband had to work late and we normally watch it together. So I DVR'd it while I played around online. Well, for the 2 hours it was on TV and the rest of the night, people on Facebook had to post a play by play of what was going on. Really? You are going to recap G.A. while it's playing on Tv and ruin it all for those of us who haven't watched it yet? Get a life people.

Also, I come from a very small town. I am tired of reading "OMG such and such just got in a wreck and they are dead". This happened last week before the young man's family was notified, but they had read about it on FACEBOOK! WTF? I have taken to chastising people and deleting the bastards off my friend's list. If something happens to one of my family members and one of these asses posts something before I am notified, they will rue the day they were born!

So, I am making a list of everyone who ruined Grey's Anatomy for me and I am going to post the ending of every movie I watch this year, on their Facebook page. By the way, I've had a couple glasses of wine as I write this but that doesn't mean I'm not serious. Be Forewarned people!


  1. lmao...hmmmm...this should be interesting. Very interesing.

  2. Ok, you didn't have to read what they were writing about GA.

    And I'm sure that the person who posted about the death had no idea his family didn't know.

  3. I come from a small town, people like to be the FIRST to post bad news, they don't care about other's feelings. I check my facebook page, how could I not see what other people were writing? It's just common sense not to post an ending to a movie or Tv show that could possibly ruin it for others. The PEOPLE (plural) who posted about this young guys wreck did it before he was even brought to the hospital, because they are freaking gossips who just want to be the absolute first to tell everybody that they knew something important first. It is good of you to stick up for people but in the case of the wreck, you just don't post the things they did on Facebook. I hope the family sues them.

  4. UGH!!!! The same thing happened the other night when I had missed DWTS...I wanted to watch it and I stupidly opened up my FB page and saw someone had already written who the final 3 were. It pissed me off!

    For those people who want to do that, they should write a SPOILER alert or something so you know not to read further!!!

  5. I agree with Helene--it's a good practice to preface a post with SPOILER ALERT. Sorry you had to hear such bad news via facebook.