Thursday, May 27, 2010

Too many thoughts on a Thursday Morning

I am really digging this song on cmoursler's page, called :Airplanes by B.O.B and Hayley Williams and Eminem.

Watched so many finale's this week that I can't keep them straight. But then the thought of  "SUMMER TELEVISION" really depressed me. :::sigh:::

I am really sad that Saving Grace is in it's last season.

Wished that I didn't read so fast b/c it's hard to find books that satisfy me in between my 7 or 8 fav author's new releases. Yes, I really do read that fast. I read 3 books on Tuesday.

I am glad and sad that my husband's trip to Chile got postponed a few days. Glad b/c I hate when he is away from me but sad b/c I was going to go spend time with my girlfriends in Louisiana this weekend.

Once again, really thinking about writing a fantasy/horror/thriller kind of book but I have all these thoughts in my head and when I try to put it down on paper, it just goes away. Also, I read so much that I am afraid I might accidentally plagiarize something. Ah well, it was just a thought.

My brain doesn't function well at 4 am, after no sleep. I need to really work on that!

Is wondering when I will hear a woman finally say something to the effect of "he cheated/cursed/insulted/left/doesn't love me, so f%^k him, I'm good!" Instead of "how can I make him love me/accept me/appreciate me?" which I keep saying over and over "YOU CAN'T! YOU CAN'T MAKE ANYONE DO ANYTHING THEY DON'T WANT TO DO!" I just keep remembering when I was 20 and crying the same words and feeling like I was the person who was bad or wrong or not good enough. I don't feel like that anymore and refuse to feel like that ever again and I want to shake the people in my life that keep telling me these things b/c I can't lie and can't encourage them to keep holding out hope that they can do something to make that person change.

I really need to stop posting when I am lacking sufficient amounts of sleep.

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  1. That is the ultimate lesson everyone needs to learn and it really changes your entire outlook on life once you get it too