Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lost Focus - Crazy Week and a Half

Last week there was so much craziness happening that I got off track with my running. I got a call early Wednesday morning that my dad was taken from work to an ER b/c they thought he may have had a stroke. He was sitting in a meeting when he said he started to feel super hot and then he suddenly just passed out. They brought him to the hospital where they did a CAT scan on him and a doctor said he saw something that made him think it might be a stroke. A neurologist was called in and did not suspect it was a stroke. He was kept overnight for observation then went to his own doctor who did a series of tests and confirmed that he is a diabetic (which I suspected b/c I also used to "flush" and once passed out at work before being diagnosed with diabetes). I called my husband who took off from work and we waited to see if we'd have to make a trip to La. or not.

After that happened last Wednesday, on Monday my dad's younger brother had a massive heart attack. He is doing fine now but with all of that going on, I did not do any running or going to the gym. I was glued to my phone trying to find out what was going on. Now it's Thursday and things have settled down so tomorrow, I start Week 2 again (I should be finishing up week 3!) and will continue it through the end of next week so that I can keep up with the running program.


  1. Those classes will be great for you. My boyfriend works at Lone Star and he was telling me about all of the classes that they have.
    I may look into the digital photography ones as well!

  2. That sounds like a very stressful week. Good to hear you are getting right back on track.

  3. So sorry to hear about your week but happy to hear everyone is doing well.

  4. Sounds like a manic week for you. Good to hear you're settling down now. Keep on with those courses they are good I tried it once.