Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Day

Started off with a short "dream" about my mother. I don't believe they are dreams but my mom visiting me because I miss her so much. So anyways, we were in a dark house. I think it was the house we used to live in across from my grandparents, which the house is torn down now. It was just me and my mom and she walks in the room and I look at her and she is wearing the sweater I wanted to wear yesterday. I ask her if she was planning on wearing it and she says "well I can go change". Then she looks at me and says "how come we only talk in your dreams?" and I tell her "because you are gone" and she shrugs her shoulders and says "well that makes sense."

Then I woke up. I miss her so much and Christmas just hasn't felt like Christmas since she's been gone.

I spent the past week sick with tonsillitis. I felt well enough to go visit family yesterday and loved it. I loved staying home this year and spending Christmas with my husband and nephew, and not having to get on the road for once, and travelling. But mostly I loved coming home last night and just putting on the Pj's and knowing I get to rest the rest of the weekend and Cody is entertained by his own goodies from Santa. I hope everyone had a great holiday so far. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year's!

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