Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I've been bad... blogging.

So I have had mad frustration dealing with a 12 yr old, puberty ridden, nephew of mine who happens to live with us. He has taken up lying as his new fav hobby. Which is always just great when it comes to school and passing the 5th grade. I know why he is acting out, I just can't type it here. So pray I don't shake him until his head pops off b/c I have all the patience of an ankle biting little doggie who's front door you have come upon.

My weight is up and down + or - 4lbs on any given day simply because I am stressed!

I had a birthday and it was muggy and rainy from that day until 4 days later. I just wasn't feeling it. Depressing enough to get old but with crappy weather it just sucks.

Christmas is in 9 days. When the hell did it become December?! We will be at the beginning of a new decade in basically, days.

Dog farts stink. Bad. My dog probably only comes around me to do this. Go away you little stinkbag!

That is all for today people, carry on.


  1. My lab's farts are so toxic we have to leave the room when he rips one.
    nice pic lady.

  2. I know. I can't believe its the end of 2009 already. How did that happen?

  3. All I have to say is this has totally been the year of forgetting important people's birthdays. Yeesh. So sorry, sis. Happy belated birthday. I am proud of all you have accomplished this year. You have gotten off your meds, improved your health, rescued a poor boy from the streets and managed to do it all with grace and a pretty smile. I sure do love you.

  4. You are gorgeous :) I just joined your blog and would love for you to check me out and join if you like! Where did you get this cute back ground? I need to change mine. Anyway I am posting a couple low-cal chocolate drinks today! Check me out! Oh and like the tunes!

  5. Hello Lovely!!
    Sshhh don't tell anyone yet, but you won the Starbucks card - I will announce it officially tomorrow morning, but send me your address and I will send it off very soon!! (my email is on my blog)

    Congrats and Merry Christmas!