Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My holiday diet plan

Does not consist of watching what I eat. Nope, it is really simple. I have tonsillitis. That's right. It all started Sunday night with a sore throat which turned into 102 degree fever by Monday. I spent all day in the bed and was able to only take a few sips of water while tossing and turning in my bed and being drenched in a sour sweat. Wednesday saw me wide awake early in the morning and the first one at my Dr.'s office. She saw me an hour earlier than she normally opens. They took a swab test to see if it was strep and when she pressed on the swollen glands I cried b/c it REALLY hurt! After prescribing me Prednisone, Amoxicillin and liquid Vicodin (yay, pain relief)she woke me up and sent me on my way.

How can I describe the pain of being soooooooooooo thirsty and not being able to drink water? Well, I forced hydrated myself and for every sip I took I wanted to jab myself in my eye with a knife to forget about the excruciating pain in my ear and throat. Today is a bit better. The pain is bad but not enough to have kept me from drinking like a gallon of water. What a way to spend my Anniversary today. Maybe tomorrow I can move back to foods. All I know is if you ever think that you are having an illness that is worse than usual, don't wait to go to the doctor. Especially if you have one willing to give you good meds to make you feel all warm and fuzzy. And by the way, an electric blanket is so nice when every muscle in your body HURTS.

My fever is down from 102 to 99 so I am sure by Christmas day I will be all better. Happy Holidays you guys!

I will post pics after Christmas.

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  1. wow...that is sucktacular! I am so sorry you have tonsillitis and I sure hope it clears up by Christmas day.
    Merry Christmas woman!