Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sorry I have been away so long

What I did find out this week is that my treadmill cuts off at 100 minutes. So for those of you who don't know your machine's cut off time, you might want to check it out because I was on a high and in a big time midstride when BAMN it just STOPPED! Good thing I am not worried about this ugly mug of mine. :D

Sorry again for not checking in as often as I should have. It probably would have given me the peace of mind that I needed. Toodleloo!


  1. Wow...100 minutes, thats awesome! Guess I'm not on mine enough if I didn't even know it HAD a cut off time. :)

  2. 100 minutes, I wonder what your face looked like when your treadmill said 'NO'.
    hmmm....well, Hope your efforts produce excellent results. Glad your back.

  3. the treadmill gave up on you. that's pretty funny.

    i wish i had a treadmill..

  4. Hi there! :) I've been bad about posting and checking in as well.. glad to get an update from you!