Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cabbaging it up!

Tonight I am cooking steak, deviled eggs and cabbage for dinner. Yes, it will make 3 nights in a row that we've had cabbage but I got a great deal on cabbage the other day. HEB was selling heads of cabbage 3/$1.00 after New Year's. I know everyone must be tired of it but it was cheap and anyone who has shopped with me before knows I buy the cheapest cuts of meat, the cheapest canned goods and the cheapest (meaning seasonal) vegetables and fruit. It doesn't mean we are eating unhealthy because I look for lean cuts of meat, it just means that I am the crazy lady who takes all the meat out of the cooler to look for the cheapest one even if it is slightly smaller than the rest. Yes my pantry looks like a commodity shelf with all the white "GREAT VALUE" canned goods from WalMart but here's the thing, they taste the same or better than DelMonte, etc etc. There is one or two things that I like that I just have to have like Blue Plate mayonnaise. Sorry but I hate Helmann's and all the others, it's Blue Plate for me! And I like the Whitewheat bread. But that is about where the splurges end. I shop for 2 wks of groceries at a time and normally spend around 120-150.00 which I think is a great deal. I really probably don't have to shop for a whole month with the stock of food I have in my pantry and freezer but you never know when family when come visit. And I have a huge family of 5 bros/sis in laws and their kids. So, I may be cheap, and my house may smell of cabbage but we will always have a good meal to sit down too and for that I am thankful.


  1. Excellent way to look at it and "a penny saved is a penny earned!"

  2. Oh my gosh...Your title at the top of the page..."God give me strength or give me hamburgers!" Hysterical. I literally wrote a post today about cheeseburgers. Too funny...I just found your blog and really enjoyed it :)

  3. There is nothing wrong with being cheap. A bargain is a bargain, no matter how much meat you have to dig through to get it!

  4. Hello! Just came across your blog. I read your previous post and I also just started weekly resolutions to keep me on track as of today... have to see how it goes!

  5. hey,
    I have a great cabbage recipe.
    It's just shredded cabbage, shredded green bell pepper, shredded celery and shredded carrot...sauteed in two teaspoons of oil for about five minutes.
    I puffy heart this stuff.