Tuesday, January 12, 2010


So suddenly, I have 44 readers! That's 12 more than last week. What's going on here? I think the pictures of New Year's dinner brought you all in! LOL

My first weekly resolution started yesterday. The mission? Exercise 30 minutes everyday this week. The monthly resolution of taking my vitamins and supplements everyday is going well. So far 100% taken.

The purpose of making weekly and monthly resolutions? To start a habit of doing what's necessary to keep good health while not feeling overwhelmed by a huge list of things that I really want to incorporate in my life.

I, like so many others, tend to have big goals that eventually sputter out because it becomes too hard to do so much. I figured if I make it a small goal with a small time limit, I can possibly make it a habit worth keeping. I find I am already popping vitamins after a week and a half without even thinking about it, first thing in the morning. And while today I dread having to get on the treadmill, I am looking forward to how I will feel when I get off of it.

Baby steps, Krys, baby steps!


  1. Small goals in definitely the way to go. I have failed at the all or nothing mentality so many times in the past. I decide to turn into eat cardboard crazy workout girl overnight and then that last maybe 2 days.

    Baby steps is a great approach. Keep up the good work :)

  2. I found your blog via Lisa @ "One Mom's Weight Loss"! =)

    I'm glad I did ... I look forward to your success! Keep up the good work! Small changes breed bigger ones.

  3. Awesome! Keep it up!
    Small goals are the way to go. Keep it simple.

  4. Happy New Year to you! :) I'm doing monthly resolutions and it's a lot easier than trying to keep something up a whole year. I fully plan on recommitting every month, but it's easier to take small steps... Especially those of us who are so goal oriented! :)
    You're doing great! We still need to meet up soon!!