Sunday, February 14, 2010

After 3 yrs




We finally painted the first room in our house. Now the builders had put some kind of flat beige paint on the walls when they built our house but I've been saying since 2007 that I was going to paint every room a different color. So Friday, my husband and I headed over to Lowe's and picked up a huge selection of paint sample cards and walked around the house putting them up against the wall until we found the one we wanted for the front guest bedroom. The front bedroom is where we have decided to start and we will work our way (EVENTUALLY) from the front to the back. My plan is to go through each room, completely clean it out. Go through everything and throw away junk and put aside things for a garage sale and keep the things we need. I hate clutter and my husband is a total pack rat! So we went back to Lowes, Saturday morning, bought everything we needed and then some, and preceded to tape off the entire room and then paint it. I think we did a great job and it came out really nice. Since the rest of my house is still beige and the front room is now a dark Lilac, I keep gravitating towards that room to stare in awe at the pretty color. LOL. Next weekend we are painting the guest bathroom a nice yellow color. It feels good to start finally putting our personal touch on our home.


  1. Looks good!
    Feels good to get that stuff out out your hair....
    doesn't it?
    *sigh* and relax when it's done!

  2. D*MN you did do a great job.
    Ive tried the painting myself before---never turns out quite as nicely as yours.


  3. I hate painting.. LOL.. My hubby and I got to be pros and painted our six bedroom house. Now we are in a rental and I hate our bedroom color but I am not painting again. LOL You did awesome..

  4. I love that color. It turned out very nicely!

  5. I love that color...
    and I love yellow...which is the color on the OUTSIDE of my house and my living
    Great job.

  6. I love that color and I'm sure the yellow guest bedroom will come out looking awesome. Looking forward to the continued updates and photos of your awesome personal touches on your house. You'll feel like you have a new home all over again when your done. A nice clean and freshly painted house! Awesome.