Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Found some motivation....

....within myself this week.

I have decided to do the treadmill twice a day for the rest of this week. I may or may not keep up that pace after that but this week, it's on.

My body is hurting in places I forgot it could hurt but it's a good hurt. It's a "hey you finally remembered I (says the muscles) exist!" Yeah, it hurts for now but it won't hurt forever.

I would like to be able to build up to walk/run 4 miles a day no less than 5 days a week, then move on to 5 miles/ 5 days a week by the end of March. It's daunting b/c my butt is so out of shape but I will attempt to do it.

And speaking of butts, I have like no butt at all. It's why buying pants sucks b/c for some reason, people who make jeans forgets that some people don't have butts or hips but they sew in a huge space for them anyways and then b/c my waist is an inch wider than my hips, my pants fall off of my bootie. And even when I'll be able to fit into said pants with smaller waist than hips, the butt will be saggy b/c I don't have a butt to fill it out. I will prob have to switch to men's jeans. Ah, the unfairness of it all!


  1. Girl...I've got butt to spare, would you like some? Maybe we could arrange a little transfer, because I would give you some for FREE!!!! lol... Great job on the treadmill work.

  2. I am trying to just do the treadmill once a day but am trying to throw in a DVD to try out to find one I like.
    I have the problem of having a big butt so your problem seems like a blessing to me :)

  3. Hey you keep up the work on the treadmill and your waist will shrink and your bum will shape up! You are well on your way girl! Good luck.

  4. Hey, men's jeans are really cute too.
    Keep up the good work.
    That's a hecka workout schedule.
    I'm impressed.

  5. Wow great job with the workouts. Keep up the great work. I hope you continue to enjoy your 'good' soreness. Hehe. :0)

  6. To comment on the post I will say I have a lot of butt so if you'd like some of it I can spare some. My husband says it looks like Kim Kardashian's and likes to tell me it's the reason he married me. (He's least I hope so) :)

    To answer your question about Zushi, yes it's in Vicenza...not far from where you turn off to go to Mt.Berico AND they have them in Verona, Padova, Brescia and Treviso.