Sunday, February 28, 2010

Working together

My husband went and had his annual physical this year with the VA. He has gained a bit of weight and his cholesterol is borderline. His doctor said they want to give him a chance to change his diet, and lose weight before they stuck him on a Statin drug. So now I am on a mission! A mission to do an overhaul on our diet and exercise and to make US healthy so that we can live a long, long life together. We sat down with my Cooking Light magazines and one of the MANY cookbooks that I have, and went through each recipe. We marked the ones that would benefit both of our diets. We set him up with a Sparkpeople page to help him track his food. It feels better to do this together b/c I have seriously been faltering the last 2 mths with my own dieting and exercising.

Tonight, for dinner, we had 6oz. of baked fish (Pangasius) and he had 4 oz of steamed asparagus, and I had 1.5 oz of asparagus. Yum! Tomorrow night we are trying a vegetarian lasagna. And if I can wake up early enough in the morning, I will grill a chicken breast and send it along with a baby spinach salad for him to take to work. Woohoo! Finally motivated again!


  1. I think this is GREAT! Good for you.

    Isn't it something how we can say we want to lose weight or get healthy and drag our feet about it, but let our husbands get news like that and we are all over it. We will do anything to make sure THEY EAT RIGHT, and THEY GET HEALTHY...almost like we care more about them then we do ourselves. I have experience in this. I am very happy to hear you are going to do this together because I remember when my husband was a hamburger away from a heart attack I did an overhaul in his diet and he ate different than the rest of us. Don't do that! You'll regret it lol. Stick to your plan and I am sure with the attitude you have, you two will be able to get control of it and get healthy. I'm cheering for you!

  2. lol...I made healthy food and my husband would go 'behind my back' and eat crap...then the doctor has the nerve to tell me to use 'healthy fats'...mmmhhhmmmm.
    Ratted him out in two seconds flat.
    I told the doctor all the evoo in the world is not going to help if he is downing big macs on the way to work.
    It's great that your hubby is cooperating.

  3. I'm glad the news isn't horrible, he's only borderline which means he can improve it, he has time. Both my parents have high cholesterol and are on medicine for it, they still don't eat right or exercise like they should. Some people just don't learn or care I guess.

    I'm glad he's jumping on the band wagon and you'll be able to do this together. It's always better when you have someone to go through it all with..I hope it helps you stay motivated!