Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Late Valentines Celebration

You know what? I just love my husband. He understands the times when I just need to slow down and relax. We didn't celebrate V-Day b/c he and his boss watched NASCAR and if any of you or any of your other halves watch NASCAR, then you know they had like some 6 hour delay. So my husband's boss was here ALL DAY Sunday.

Well tonight he comes home from work and I tell him we are just going to go eat somewhere b/c I really did not want to cook tonight. There is a little Italian restaurant  owned by this little old Italian man in town. And I told my husband I wanted to go eat there tonight (because I really wanted a good glass of Italian wine!). We waited to be seated and then ordered our food and wine and we sat and talked and it was so nice. I love this place. People sit in there for hours, enjoying their loved ones as it is custom to do in Italy. To sit and eat and "visit" with each other after a long day is so wonderful. I wish we could do that every night. We were in this place for a little over 2 hours. So were all the people that were there when we came in. I am thinking of making this a monthly event so that I can just spend that time with my husband.

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