Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Forgot to add...

I bought a bunch of new workout clothes. Really colorful and I am ready to start using them. Tomorrow I am going to go to the gym in town and check it out. I need to start going to the gym because my cardio is not enough to lose more weight.I have plateaued out this past month. I need to add the dreaded weights to my workout, Uggh! I hate lifting, even if I can bench 100 lbs! (Well, it impresses me so who cares!?)

I have 2 requirements of the gym......a.) rowing machine and b.) sauna. Everything else is just an added bonus LOL.


  1. the gym is always more fun with cool workout clothes. :)

  2. That's impressive on the bench press. I might get the weight bar over my head.

  3. I love workout clothes with it would make me love working out.. LOL

  4. Awesome that you got some new workout clothes. It's amazing how some new clothes can help us feel better and more motivated to get going.

    Where are you? I haven't been around because I was sick with a horrible head cold and when I come back you haven't been posting. Missing your posts. Hope all is good and your just busy.

    When you come back swing on by my blog and pick up your award! :0)