Thursday, January 27, 2011

10 weeks to a 10k....I hope....

I have been lazy ass'ing it for awhile now. I've used winter as an excuse to STOP exercising and basically sit with my chips while watching the shows "Heavy", "Biggest Loser", and "I Used to Be Fat". Yeah, I cheer them on but in the meantime I have been steadily putting back on the pounds. I have actually gained 8 lbs in the last 3 months. That adds on the weight I already have to lose.

So I found a plan in my Fitness magazine that says that it can get anyone in any shape ready for a 10k in 10 weeks.

****Ok went get the magazine and it says half marathon...pfffttt!*****

Anywho, I am going to build up to a 10k (6.2 miles) in the next 10 weeks. Then after that I'll decide if I'll do another 10 weeks to build up to a half marathon. I'll follow my nifty chart of days a week to jog/run starting on Tuesday of next week. I'll try and let you guys know, with a minimum of curse words, just how it feels. I am also hoping that it helps the belly fat go away since every trainer tells me MORE CARDIO to get rid of the stomach fat. Well I am off to start making my playlist for next week. TOODLES!

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