Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2011 - How Grand It Isn't (so far)

I started off 2011 with a lovely $170.00 speeding ticket, right on New Year's day. Nice. I also went on a job interview last Thursday. The manager was sneezing and coughing so I kept my hands and feet off of everything during the interview only to have her grasp my hand as I was leaving. I went straight to the nearest restroom and washed with lots of soap to no avail. I now have the flu. I started getting sick early Friday morning. And I didn't get the job. Tonight I saw water coming from under my kitchen sink. I took a peek and my garbage disposal has a huge crack down the front.

Lucky me. I am trying to keep positive but the little worm in the back of my brain keeps saying "Cursed, cursed, CURSED 2011 is!". God I wish I still drank.


  1. Most germs are inhaled. Don't give up on 2011—at least not yet. The little worm will die if you don't feed it.

  2. Wow, not off to a wonderful start! Think of it this way - it can only go up from here. You're just getting the crappy stuff out of the way at the start. :-)