Sunday, January 23, 2011

What does "Too Qualified" Mean?

My job search continues. Apparently, no one will hire me because I am "too qualified". Does that mean I smell bad? Because seriously, I am bringing experience with me so how can one be too qualified for a job? I am not asking for much, and I'll work for you FOREVER and really I am only wanting to work b/c I am tired of being stuck in a house so should I dumb down my experience?


  1. It seems they are saying you need to apply for the next level up in your job market! Not a bad thing, but still, when you need a job it sucks. Take your experience to a higher level, I guess!

  2. Employers are receiving hundreds of applications for every position and often they flip through the stack looking for reasons to go on to the next application. You have to make yourself stand out somehow. In my experience the best way to get an interview is to meet with the interviewer (or call if you can't go to them) and ask for an interview. People hate being rude to your face and they'll often agree to see you rather than tell you they're not interested. Then you can get in there and knock their socks off!

    If they are telling you that you are too qualified AFTER the interview, then maybe you are or maybe that's just what they say when they don't pick someone. I wouldn't worry about it.

    Since it doesn't sound like you really need a job, why not look for a volunteer position? These can help you network into paid jobs too.

  3. I'm having that trouble on my search too. Either I am over-qualified, or under-qualified.. It's a bad situation to be in.. ahh!!