Friday, January 21, 2011

.....And Then......

I got a letter from the HOA saying that I need to paint my shutters. Yeup, the hits just keep on rolling over here! Hey HOA, you seeing me waving to you out the window with the jacked up shutters? I am gesturing "You're number one", look it up.

On a side note, this weekend the hubby and I will be painting the shutters on front of our house and changing out our garbage disposal. I know he'd rather be lying in front of the TV after working 80 hours a week, but we are the dummies who thought owning our own home would be awesome.

For tonight, I decided that I don't feel like cooking, or cleaning so we are going eat somewhere tonight and hit up the theater. I love living in Houston where you can just walk out the door and be within 2 miles of everything!

****UPDATE**** the shutters didn't need to be painted, they needed to be wiped off. Stupid HOA~!

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