Wednesday, January 26, 2011

American Idol "I Was Crying"

American Idol auditions tonight. Did you see it? O.M.G.! So normally I watch just to laugh at the crazy people because, you know, they didn't know you actually had to be able to sing to get on the show. Seriously, if you are thinking about going on the show, TAPE yourself and then LISTEN to it! I don't mean right away, I mean like GIVE it to a friend or coworker. And when you least expect it, they play it over the intercom at work or something. If you cringe and say "what the hell is that?" then you probably should not go on American Idol.

Anywho, there was a guy at the end with the most heart-wrenching story (because they are always the last audition of the day, notice that?) about his fiancee'. And I cried because it was so sad what happened to her but such a stand up thing for him to do by taking care of her and still loving her no matter what. And then if it didn't get sappy enough, THEY BROUGHT HER IN! OMG yes they did! Now tell me there wasn't a tear in your eye when you saw that?

So this season they gotta little bit crazy with Steven Tyler and a little bit of a pushover with J-Lo and well, dog, Randy is Randy. I might continue watching it even though I miss Simon but they still like to find that big ol' heartbreak story to hook you.

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