Saturday, September 5, 2009

About Me

Hi, my name is Krys and I am a 33 yr old female veteran of the United States Army.

I grew up in a small bayou town in Louisiana known for it's wonderful commercial fishing. I also got to grow up with 5 brothers, yay! My mom was a wonderful woman, she passed away a few years ago at the age of 48 of heart disease. My father has since remarried a woman from Texas who has a lot more similar interests that they share. I am the proud aunt of many nieces and nephews, stepmom to a wonderful stepdaughter, step granny to a beautiful step grandaugher, godmother to 4 godchildren and wife of the most wonderful man I have ever come across in my lifetime.

I graduated high school at the age of 17 and joined the Army not long afterwards. I jumped outta planes, lived overseas, visited many countries courtesy of Uncle Sam and made lifetime friends along the way. After serving my country for 8 years, at the old age of 26 I was honorably discharged and started college 1 month later. I spent 4 yrs attending school in Louisiana where I met my husband, by luck, through similiar interests (ie: both Veterans and paratroopers). We were engaged in less than 6 mths and married a year later. Since then my husband has retired after 20 yrs in the Army and we have moved to Houston, Tx and built our home.

It has not been an easy life to move away from everyone you know but we both have been through it many times in the Army so I know that it will be okay. Since we have moved here, 3 yrs ago, I have stayed at home. Most of that time has been spent with my nephew who has lived with us on and off the last 3 yrs. I hope that I have given you a small idea of who I am and that you get an even better idea as I blog my way through this craziness I call life.

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