Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mish Mash of stuff

This morning I got up with Cody, pushed him out the door and got on my treadmill. I taped The Biggest Loser and got to walk/run on my treadmill while watching it. I love, love, love that show! I would so volunteer to be on that show if it wasn't for the whole "it being on tv" and the whole "weigh-ins with a sports bra and stretch shorts to show all the world my big fatty ass and stomach and stretch marks".
I mean seriously, they weigh them in behind the scenes then insult the poor people by putting them on a COW SCALE, half naked with all their embarrassment for the world to see. I feel for them. I know how they feel.
But I still love the show! I love that these people believe that someone is MAKING them do something to lose the weight. It is so Army. No one can make you do anything, you can quit whenever you want but I understand. It is easier to believe that someone made you do it until you realize that you have it in you all along!
So I jogged like a total of 15 minutes today along with walking 15 minutes. I walked 5 mins to warm up, then jogged 5 mins, traded off every 5 mins and ended my treadmill session after 30 minutes. Ate a great breakfast of a 1/2 cup of EggBeaters with 2/3 cup of MorningStar Farms Sausage Crumbles (totally vegan but tastes like Sausage), 1/4 cup of greek yogurt with a half cup of pineapple chunks and ground cinnamon! It tasted great. It was a rather large meal for just around 230 calories.
I haven't seen Grey's Anatomy yet, will do that in the morning while I am on the treadmill. It is kinda nice when it's early in the morning and everyone but myself and the dogs are gone, so the house is quiet.
Went to Cody's school today to do my first day of volunteering. Wow, so not used to be around small kids. They make me nervous, I stood there with 22 kids staring at me while I nervously smiled and fidgeted. Little Children of the Corn looks........Maybe it's just my imagination, maybe I just stay up too late at night watching SciFi........anywho...
In my mind, it's kind of like the zoo. You can look but don't touch or feed the kids. I got to staple hundreds of sheets of construction paper into booklets. The teacher felt awkward about having someone helping her as she has never had any parent help before. She used to work in the Jr. High before coming to Elementary school. She kept asking if I was ok and kept thanking me. I think I had it pretty much under control.
Stacks of large sheets of construction paper, check!
Stapler, check!
Being able to fold the paper in half and staple it, check!
When I was done, I left and ran into the PTO assistant President or whatever her title was and had like a half hour conversation with her through her passenger side and my driver's side window as we were parked next to each other and it was raining. We shared our woes and the fact that we are new to the area so we both volunteered to make friends and get to know people.
I really need a job! Not for money but for friends. I have been living in Houston for nearly 3 yrs now and my only friend is my neighbor Sally who lives 20 ft away from me. We communicate by email late at night. Lovely. My husband just doesn't understand how interacting with people on a daily basis, even if they are your co workers, is more exciting then staying home and talking to my dogs all day.
Well I am off, I will be getting up early to push Cody out the door so I can do my treadmill thingy and start making my grocery list. I am sending Cody to school with his own lunch tomorrow. I am saving on Cody's lunches because those communists at school says I have to pay for a foster child's lunches.......just wait until my time comes for the appeal people! I want a refund of what you made me pay. Well, just that secretary who told me all that crap the other day. Take it out of her snooty paycheck.
P.S. Who, around Houston, just loved this cool weather we have been having the past few days? I love it so much!


  1. You crack me up! I loved the reference to the Children of the Corn! It is unnerving, isn't it...having all those little faces staring at you and you're more nervous than they are!!

    I love Biggest Loser too...but you are SO much better than me! You work out while watching it which is so awesome...what a great motivator. Me? I sit there with a bowl of ice cream while I'm crying listening to their sad stories about being overweight and how hard their lives have been. I need therapy!

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! Hope you'll be back again soon!

  2. Hey girly! i'd love to get together sometime.. I'm in Tomball too, although not 20 feet away! haha

    I MISS the weather we had last week. It's hot and muggy again today but I'm ready for the nice stuff to come back. I'm ready for Rennaissance Festival time... woo hoo!

    I am a Biggest Loser freak! I like everyone this season so far. There are usually a few people I can't stand by this point, but not yet!!

    Hope you're doing well!
    PS: Sorry for all the !!!'s.. I'm on lots of coffee! LOL