Sunday, September 6, 2009

Dear Selfish Woman

As we sit here trying to help your son with his homework, I am so frustrated. Why did you have to dumb him down? You spend so much time worrying how you can get a check out of him that you have never taken the time to learn what he is really like or for that matter, what he really likes! Did you know that he loves football? Did you know he is saving his money to buy a digital camera? Did you know that because you didn't let him be a kid, it is terribly hard for him to make friends his own age? Did you know he thinks that you don't love him because your letters to him are all about yourself?

I am so angry that simple things are so much harder for him because you didn't help him or make him do his homework and now he is so much further behind than other kids his age. If I get one more letter from you talking about "me, me, me" and "what/who do you think I should do" I will completely cut off all communication with you.

You are a selfish woman. You are one of the reasons I lose a little more faith everyday. I don't know how God lets a woman like you (and many other women like you!) have children that you do not care for and will not take care of instead of giving women like me who really wants one, a child. At least I have your child, and though he may frustrate me and get on my nerves, I still love him, provide for him and make sure that he has what every child should have, a home. The sad thing, is that you would not give him up for his own well being. You would rather keep him so that you could get a check for him but never use it on anything he needs.

I know you will never read this because you are in jail and well, you really don't care how anyone feels anyway. Every letter I write to you, you act as if I didn't say all this to you. You tell me you don't get my letters then contradict yourself five sentences later because you don't want to face reality. I really wish you were in jail for child neglect but I will have to settle for what you are there for. You are lucky I love my husband and your child because otherwise you would never ever get anything out of me. Nobody owes you and I think you are starting to find that out.

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  1. Hey Krys,
    You are doing a WONDERFUL job of shining light into his, up-to-now, dark and dreary world. Personally, I want to say THANK YOU. I, too, know how frustrating it can be to imagine why some people are allowed to bring children into the world, just to abuse them or use them for their own selfish motives. The only thing that brings me peace is that I am POSITIVE God is not pleased with selfishness and I KNOW He grieves over these little ones. He unconditionally allows us each to have freedom to choose right from wrong, in hopes that we will choose Him. One day, there will be a reckoning for all who did not exchange their selfish life for His--hers included. Until then, we can pray that she is kept far, far, far away from hurting him again and do our part to protect and love and comfort him. I am very grateful for all you and my brother are doing for him. He has never been treated so well as now. Your life is an unselfish example for all to see.