Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Things that pissed me off today!

1.) I missed breakfast today. :(
2.) Freaking forgot to buy plain yogurt at the grocery store today.
3.) I hate the pharmacy girls at HEB, they act like they don't see you standing 2 feet away from them waiting for some freaking customer service. I had to switch out my milk last time b/c they made me wait so long! I am switching to Walgreens. Bite me pharmacy girls!
4.) Tons of crap that the schools dump off on the parent. My worst nightmare this week: Cookie Dough Fundraiser......are you kidding me!? Arghhhh!
5.) Yet another letter from my sister in law, who is in jail, whose child is living with me! I guess they must put something in the food b/c she gets a little dumber each time she writes me with her delusions of how great of a mom she is.
6.) People who don't use freaking blinkers, use them people! The big ass Ford F 150 behind you is me and I'd appreciate a little forewarning!
7.) The heat. Period.
8.) People who say "Well if you were having problems you could have called me" except they never answer their phone.
9.) Anyone who pushes their beliefs on me. Trust me, I read.......ALOT. I used to work for a newspaper, I am pretty good at keeping up with current events, I am well informed and have at the age of 33, formed my own opinons which I keep to myself and not push on you. If I don't want my nephew watching Obama at school then that's my perogative. I served 8 yrs in the Army and fought for your rights, quit trying to take away mine.
10.) Anyone who will comment on this blog and try to explain to me why I should have let my nephew watch Obama. If you skipped over number 9, read it again. If you don't get it, then look up at the title of my blog. If you still don't get it, don't comment.

And that's my rant people.


  1. I don't blame you on the Obama front. I'm also getting sick of hearing about Obama "care." Glad to know someone else was having a shitty day. Here's hoping you stuck to your diet. Thanks for reading my blog btw :) your's looks like all kinds of fun LOL, I'll definitely be back xx

  2. I TOTALLY hear you about the pharmacy girls. And Lord help me with the photo biznatches at CVS. We could team up and take out some knee caps if you want...