Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I got a Job! (kinda)

So Cody comes home today with a letter. Dear Mrs. T you have been elected to be our Homeroom Class Mom. Yay! I actually wanted to be the H.C.M. so it worked out perfectly. So I tell Cody, "Hey it says I will be your Class Mom" and he smacks his head and says "Please, please, please don't embarrass me!" Hehe insert evil grin and hands rubbing together, "who moi?"
I am pretty stoked about it. I really want and need to be involved with what's going on with him. After he left my care at the beginning of last year, his grades went to kuput. His mom didn't make him go to school, didn't make him do his homework and just basically didn't do anything for him that needed to be done or made to do. He is such a good kid and a big helper around the house.
He failed the 4th grade back with his mom last school year but when he moved in with us I talked to the school and we put him in 5th grade. I signed up on the school website to be able to view the teachers assignments and her gradebook on what they do in class and guess what? He is nearly at a 4.0 average. All A's in most of his classes with one high B score in Health. I knew it was poor parenting. I am hoping for a report card with A's and B's when the time comes around. Trust me, it's not easy but I don't give him the answers. We have a 3 subject "practice" notebook that I put math problems in for him to work out everyday. I make him read to me for 30 minutes out loud everyday and then ask him questions about what he read. (I also found out I have this great talent of being able to read other stuff while he reads to me and still be able to know when he mispronounces words and actually remember what he read to me.) If I had the patience for a classroom full of kids, the ability to deal with Algebra without my head exploding, and the drive to go back to college for the next 4 or 5 yrs, I'd become a teacher.
So now that I have bragged enough about myself and my nephew, on to more exciting news. My stepdaughter is coming tomorrow with the grandbaby for their first visit to our house here in Houston. Yay! Hopefully they make it a regular trip so we can see the little potato more often. I will post pics after I get to see her. Well peeps, I am off. Today was not so crazy as yesterday but I am still not liking those HEB pharmacy girls!


  1. Rita can suck it. You have done more good for that boy in the short time you've had him than she could do with the rest of her miserable self-centered life.
    And you are a teacher. You are Cody's teacher and it will probaby be one the most rewarding accomplishments of your life when he is able to thank YOU for getting him through his school years (and childhood) in one whole piece.
    I'll just go ahead and thank you for it now. Thanks!

  2. That's awesome that your nephew is doing so much better in school! I definitely agree that good parenting comes into play with how kids perform in school. I wish more parents would read to their kids and help them with their homework rather than sitting them in front of an "educational" video or popping in a book on tape. Great job!!