Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Taking Pride in your Work

This morning it is pouring down raining here in Houston. The weather really looks awful. I got up and took my nephew to choir practice which made me kinda happy because I didn't have to park down at the front of the street and wait for the bus with him.
So I am home, and sitting in my home office watching it rain outside of my window and I hear the garbage truck coming down the street a few mins ago. I go peek out the window of my front door and I see the garbage man get off the back of the truck in his raingear, walk over to my trashcan, remove the cover, walk back to the truck, dump out my garbage, then walk back over to my driveway and turn the trashcan upside down so it won't fill up with water from the rain. Wow! I am so profoundly touched that this man working in the pouring down rain, who will probably have to work in the rain all day today, would do a simple act that would make someone elses life a little easier.

Is it a job requirement? Is it an honest act of goodness? I don't know but it doesn't matter, I think I will put a goodie basket together for the holidays and give it to them if I am able to catch them one morning. They deserved to be thanked for a job that most of us would turn up our nose at, and doing it in such a thoughtful manner. (I've had to find my trashcan on numerous occasions in other neighbors yards when I lived in other places because they would get tossed 2 houses down sometimes!).
What do you think about this?


  1. I've noticed the same thing... awesome, isn't it? I lived inside the Houston city limits before, and I can count on one hand the times that the can was even in my driveway/yard, letalone upright or upside down.

  2. I think that is amazing! I have never seen it happen before. You are blessed!

  3. I wish I had your trash guys! My trash guys will leave the can with the lid gaping wide open in a downpour. The lid is attached, so how hard would it be to flip it back up? Not in the job description, I guess, and they're not going to do one thing extra.

    Love the idea of the goody basket - they'll appreciate it. You might also consider calling the city and complimenting your trash guys for what they did. I bet that doesn't happen very often - they probably only ever get complaints.

    Btw, I find the color on your blog archive, etc. very hard to read. Have you experimented with maybe a darker blue? Or perhaps white?